I get so emotional.

It’s probably not something an ad has often led you to say to yourself. Even the ones that attempt to speak to the softer side, sometimes with heart wrenching stories, can fall flat or, even worse, elicit derision.

If an ad for animal welfare, for example, fails to connect, how can one for toothpaste? Sneakers? Soda?

Well, they can, with authenticity and the will to do so. Whether it’s exhilaration, empathy, empowerment or admiration, you should be looking to establish a connection through emotion. And as advertising is increasingly digital, inherently presenting a barrier of sterility, it’s an important that emotion isn’t ignored.

When it works, it works well.

It’s not new. And when done right, it’s effective. The best ads sell more than a product, they sell a feeling or an idea. They show empathy for your audience. Business objectives must be met, but connecting through emotion will help ensure success.

You must consider your audience’s motivations and desires in tandem with your brand’s personality and objectives when seeking to create an emotional connection.

How does your audience feel when they see this?

What will they remember?

Why should they feel anything?

And are you eliciting the right emotion(s) for your brand?

By making an emotional connection, you’ll not only sell a product or service once, you’ll take a step towards establishing a lasting relationship.