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What is RGB Love?

RGB Love is the amalgam of my love for digital design and traditional advertising, of the logical and emotional. I’m Chaz Decker, Principal Creative and founder of RGB Love. Through RGB Love, I work to create brand experiences you’ll fall in love with.

By you, I mean the you who, as a professional, will love the experience for its smarts. For its effectiveness in the market. For having sound strategy, rationale and logic. And I mean the you who will love it as a user – aka consumer, customer or shopper – for its beauty. Beauty in form, function and ingenuity. For how it looks and how it intuitively works.

Core competencies

Creative Direction

Beauty and brilliance.

Using analytics, data and research, we’ll develop the strategy, objectives and insights necessary to form a bedrock for the work. Beginning with the brief.

We’ll evaluate creative efforts against the brief to ensure their success. And atop it, creative concepts and elements will be built with beauty and strategy in mind.

Art, messaging and UX – crafted to be great independently – will complement one another to convey a cohesive, unique brand experience. An experience that connects with our audience and delivers tangible results.

Experience Design

Digital, physical & in-between.

Depth of expertise in information architecture (IA), user experience (UX) and interaction design are applied to every project – even those focusing on traditional components.

The journey, each tactic and every detail are designed with rationale and care to create a lasting emotional connection that delivers directly on business objectives.

Together, we’ll create experiences that are a pleasure to use, frictionless to transition between and lead to conversion.

Shopper Marketing

Considered to capricious.

Whether its an airline ticket, a mobile app, sodas or sneakers – directly or through a retailer – you’ll have help selling most anything most anywhere.

We’ll approach the path-to-purchase from our shopper’s perspective, understanding them and their journey. With that understanding, we’ll choose the right tactics, design them thoughtfully and meet our objectives – from awareness, consideration and lead generation through purchase and advocacy.

By bringing strategic, creative and user experience design principles to the path-to-purchase, we’ll create campaigns that drive preference and purchase online and in-store.

Creative direction, strategy, ideation, concept creation & development, visual design, art direction, branding, identity design, omnichannel, copy writing, advertising campaigns

User experience, UX, site maps, wireframes, personas, usability & a/b testing, heuristic analysis, user interface (UI) design, interaction design, user stories, user journeys, user acceptance testing, functional specs

Promotions, in-store, point-of-purchase, point-of-sale, mass retailer, club retailer, considered purchase, packaging, displays, consumer packaged goods (CPG), path-to-purchase (P2P), coupons, incentives, behavioral economics, trends


Inspire love through invention.